We are a New Messianic Hebraic Assembly starting in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This group was inspired to form because of YAH while faithfully listening and learning about Sinaitic Theology from The New Covenant Congregation of Israel in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can find their website at http://ncci-charlotte.com . You will also find a myriad of resources that enables you to obtain a greater understanding of your creator and help your walk in the Heavenly Father and his Son. The “Articles” tab above will take you to several foundational and expository literature made by NCCI-Charlotte, that we have found beneficial to ones’ understanding of the Most High God and what He expects of us in our walk.  Currently we at NCAI are at the infant stage, however we are optimistic that those in the Little Rock region have a desire to learn the tenets of the Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Indeed, the one and the same Elohim (God) of our Master Yahshua (Jesus) the Anointed.

The New Covenant Assembly of Israel is a independent assembly. Everyone is welcome to NCAI to inquire about Elohim (God) and none will be refused who wants to listen and ask questions. We are an assembly comprised of self-acknowledged Hebrews and spiritual Israel (i.e., Any and every ethnicity that accepts Yahshua and The Heavenly Father) who do not believe in adding or detracting from the tenets established by the Almighty Father YAH by means of man-made philosophical interpretation, intense allegorization of the text and man-made tradition or modern cultural understandings via alternative books and extra New Testament Homilies rather than Biblical doctrinal instruction. As you begin touring the contents of this site, you will notice that this is a Sinaitic assembly, which simply means we practice the code of ethics that promulgated from Mt Sinai (i.e., The Law) and the Prophets. These are also known to some as the commandments and testimonies. However, we do not practice animal sacrificing for man’s sins since the Messiah became the atoning sacrifice for man’s iniquity. Consequently, we do not follow certain Temple practices like the “tithe,” which was in dietary form and only to be received by the Levitical priesthood by covenant according to the scriptures. However, the practice of free will offerings is demonstrated in this assembly and is also observed to be done in the Law and the prophets and by the apostles in the Brit Chadashah (i.e., New Testament). We follow the dietary laws that the Most High Elohim separated for our consumption in Leviticus (i.e., A Kosher diet). This diet was followed and taught by the Messiah, the apostles and the assemblies of the New Covenant before the Gnostics taught falsely of their abolition.

We believe in the Brit Chadashah (i.e., The New Testament) and what it says about Yahshua (Jesus) who is the son of David according to the flesh, and the son of Elohim (God) with power by the resurrection of the dead. We assert that there is two requirements that must be met so that one might (Emphasis on “Might”) obtain eternal salvation. (1) Obedience and reverent practice of all the commandments of the Almighty, which are relevant to ones status, position (i.e., man, woman, priest, judge, king, etc) and righteousness stated and expounded on in the Torah (the “Law” located in the first 5 books of the Bible) without arbitrarily selecting those which are not to ones liking due to the complexities that exists within the paradigm of this world’s social climate. (2) Aside from obedience to the commandments, one must demonstrate a humble yet remorseful disposition toward the Almighty in repentance to eventually be purged of iniquity through water purification (i.e., “Baptism/Mikvah”) in the name of Yahshua the Anointed; for he is the grace given to humanity from the Almighty to be the propitiator of man’s iniquity and was appointed by our Father in Heaven, Yah, to be the mediator as well as future king/ambassador here on Earth.

We Hope that you enjoy what’s been prepared for you on this site and we look forward to fellowshipping with you in the grace of the Almighty creator, Yah. We pray for His peace to be with you and his spirit (word) be in you.


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