Our mission objectives are to instruct others on the plan of Elohim’s (God’s) Salvation according to His law, Prophets and the Messiah. In order to fulfill this mission, we at NCAI will instruct whoever inquires, on the ways of righteousness, according to the tenets provided by the creator. Therefore, our mission ultimately involves the following: (1) Helping others learn the righteous expectations of the creator, so that we all may serve Him in the way He wants; and (2) Teach others about Yahshua (Jesus) whom He has sent to be the propitiator of man’s iniquity. We at NCAI are here to serve and answer all the questions you may have to the best of our “ability” [That is, since we all have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us by Elohim (God)]. It is our belief that through the practice of Elohim’s code of ethics and having faith in the grace of Elohim [that is his son, Yahshua (Jesus)], one may obtain eternal salvation.



WE assert strongly and publicly both the Old and New Testament teachings of the Holy Bible except those laws that YAH through the Messiah (Jesus Christ) has satisfied or taken away. For example: Laws and/or practices relating to animal sacrifices {Matt. 5:17-20}.

We affirm that Yahshua (Jesus) did not destroy or nullify “ALL” the laws of the Most High Elohim, as Christendom and its affiliates may have taught throughout the world, but Yahshua simply fulfilled the Temple, Levitical and Sacrificial ordinances that dealt with the atonement of sins. Therefore we affirm that we are still bound by the Laws of Yah, particularly those Laws governing our diets, how we are to relate to one another and our separated services/worship to Yah (i.e., Laws of Holiness).  These were designed to show one how to live righteously and how to live Holy in the faith of Yahshua the Anointed in a sanctified manner {Matt. 5:17-20, 7:21-23, 13:41, Rev. 14:12-13 & 22:14}

WE proclaim the Heavenly father by His Set apart Hebraic Name, YAH (Ex. 3:15 & Psalms 68:4 NKJV) HalleluYAH!

We declare the Son {Jesus} by his Hebraic name, Yahshua and the Divine Administration of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit(s), “Elohim” {Rev 1:4-5}.

WE scripturally proclaim that all mankind has the opportunity to receive eternal salvation if he/she demonstrates sincere obedience to Yah’s (God’s) commands and has the testimony and Faith of Yahshua the Anointed {Rev. 14:12; Rev. 20:12-15}.

WE affirm scripturally that Yahshua the Messiah {incorrectly known as Jesus Christ today} died on a stake to redeem his people. He is the son of God with power by the resurrection of the dead and the savior of humanity by the grace of Yah {Rom. 1:4; 11:26; 15:8 & Matt. 3:16-21}.

We scripturally confirm and proclaim that Yahshua taught and practiced the culture of his Hebraic forefathers; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and the prophets. The Messiah walked in perfect obedience to the Law among men and in the Grace of Elohim, demonstrating to mankind how they must walk to procure salvation through works and through faith {2 Cor. 5:21, Heb. 7:24-27, James 2:14-26 & Rev. 20:11-15}

We affirm scripturally that Yahshua will return to earth to recompense wickedness and to redeem the righteous. Secondly, to reign as King of Kings on the earth from His capital city Jerusalem forever {I Kings 9:7-9, Isaiah 60:1-22, Micah: 4:1-5, Amos 9:11-15 Jerm. 14:1-21, Rev: 19:11-16}.

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